Please be aware of the Centre Rules and our internet policy
(if you are a new user please check our safety information)
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  • We will provide access to all users of the Centre for internet access provided that they have registered as a user of the Centre.
  • Users under 16 years old must have parental permission to use the internet.
  • We allow users to browse the World Wide Web using the programs installed on our computers; we do not allow users to install their own programs.
  • We will not allow users to use the internet and email to send or receive material that is offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene, menacing or in breach of confidence, copyright, privacy or any other rights.
  • Users may print web pages as long as this falls within copyright law.
  • Users submitting sensitive data must take full responsibility for the accuracy and security of this information.
  • We reserve the right to ask any user to terminate the session and leave if we feel that they are breaking this code.
  • We reserve the right to inform the relevant authority if we feel that these guidelines have been seriously infringed.
  • We do not allow the downloading of material unless specifically approved in advance (this includes documents and programs).
  • If we do allow the downloading of programs we expect that they will be used by the user in accordance with the manufacturers licence agreement.
  • We will charge users at the prescribed rate and in units of 15 minutes.
  • Due to licensing restrictions you must not view live TV broadcasts.



  • Ask for help from staff if needed.
  • Shut down the computer correctly.
  • Save your work regularly.
  • If using a memory stick or the internet be aware of computer viruses.
  • Act in consideration of other users of the Centre.


  • Leave your work unattended.
  • Eat or drink while using the computer.
  • Load any personal software or games.
  • Change the set-up of the computer
  • Run while holding scissors

Enterprise House Acceptable Computer and Network Use Policy Charges apply for using internet access in the IT Centre whether by wifi or using our PCs. If you use your own PC or laptop within the Enterprise House site you must adhere to this policy. Users must treat staff, customers and other online users with courtesy and respect at all times.
Staff will attempt to rectify technical problems as soon as possible; Enterprise South West Shropshire is not responsible for any hardware or software failure, or for any data lost as a result of any such problem. Although staff can provide general information about the Wi-Fi service, you are responsible for the configuration, virus protection and use of your own equipment. If the provisions of this policy are not followed and after a warning from staff you are still in breach of the policy, computer access will be immediately withdrawn for a specified period. Further action will be taken if deemed necessary.

Young people under the age of 16 should have the consent of a parent or carer to use the computers. Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Wi-Fi network
Access is restricted to a maximum 1 gigabyte data download allowance in a 24 hour period.

Computers and Wi-Fi networks should be used for information, recreation, business and educational purposes only. You must not use the Internet and email for deliberately searching, sending or receiving any material which is illegal, obscene, offensive, abusive or intolerant, or in breach of confidence, copyright, privacy or any other rights. Routine checks are carried out to ensure the Internet is used appropriately. If you transmit personal or private information, credit card or bank details, we take no responsibility for any consequences. The Wi-Fi networks are not secured and other users may be able to see information you are accessing or sending.
Do not add, alter or delete any settings or programs on computers. Do not damage the computer hardware.

Due to licensing restrictions you must not view simultaneous (live) TV broadcasts.

Printing and saving information
Observe intellectual property rights and comply with copyright laws when saving information or printing from the library computers; all pages printed must be paid for.        
Any data saved, copied or downloaded onto portable devices or removable media, e.g. memory sticks, is done at the owners risk.
Any data saved onto the computer hard drives is periodically deleted.
September 2015